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    19 Wholesome Things That Might Make You Smile

    No promises, but give it a shot.

    1. These two buddies:

    2. This perfect troll:

    3. This top tier wingman:

    4. This mother and son:

    5. This sender of good vibes:

    6. This cuddly Airbnb host:

    7. This adorable exchange:

    8. This pure, amazing child:

    9. This Disney couple:

    10. This great piece of advice:

    11. This beach cafe:

    12. This point of view:

    13. Tom's heart:

    14. This different perspective:

    15. This optimist:

    16. This act of perseverance:

    17. This cool shark:

    18. This bro who's looking out for his bro because they're bros:

    19. And these concerned roommates:

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