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    Finally, A Dunk That Embarrasses A Defender's Future Grandchildren


    The latest entry in the completely unexpected "holy shit can you believe that just happened?" sports-moment genre comes from Christian Terrell, a relatively unknown rising senior at Providence High School in Jacksonville, FL.

    During what appears to be a summer league game the 6-foot-2-inch shooting guard receives an outlet pass on a fast break....

    ...and then does something most summer-league high-school basketball players cannot do. He takes off from outside the left block, cocks the ball back and throws down a silly one-handed tomahawk slam that literally kills his defender.

    This spectator's reaction is appropriate.

    One of YouTube's most important functions is to act as a platform for embarrassing moments to live on for eternity. Getting viciously dunked on is embarrassing enough when 20 people see it in a random high school gym, but when millions can watch it on YouTube — repeatedly — it's the kind of thing your family won't live down for generations. Sometimes that's what you get for hustling back on D, because life isn't fair.

    Check out the whole video:

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    h/t Greg Howard at Deadspin