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    Fake Mascot Gets Thrown Out Of Dodger Stadium For Dancing On Dugout In Bear Costume

    In these difficult times, Fake Dancing Bear Mascot Guy is a fake dancing bear mascot inspiration to all of us.

    Twitter: @cjzero

    During the bottom of the 8th inning with the Dodgers up 2-0, a random fan dressed in a bear costume and Dodgers jersey started dancing on top of the Cardinals dugout. This would be perfectly normal behavior for a team's mascot โ€” but the Dodgers don't have a mascot. Luckily, the TBS cameras caught a glimpse of this renegade, unauthorized Dodgers cheerleader while they panned in on the Cardinals dugout.

    Twitter: @The26thMan

    Judging by this tweet from earlier in the evening, the unidentified fan was apparently wearing the costume throughout much of the game โ€” which I guess is pretty standard in Los Angeles.

    The "rally bear" was quickly escorted out of the stadium by security after his performance, so he didn't get to see the end of the game...


    Jeff Gross / Getty