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Fake Mascot Gets Thrown Out Of Dodger Stadium For Dancing On Dugout In Bear Costume

In these difficult times, Fake Dancing Bear Mascot Guy is a fake dancing bear mascot inspiration to all of us.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers were relieved to see the bats finally came alive during their 3-0 Game 3 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. But the real story in La La Land wasn't Yasiel Puig's thrilling triple or Hyun-Jin Ryu's great outing on the hill — it was a man dressed as a bear dancing on the Cardinals dugout.

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During the bottom of the 8th inning with the Dodgers up 2-0, a random fan dressed in a bear costume and Dodgers jersey started dancing on top of the Cardinals dugout. This would be perfectly normal behavior for a team's mascot — but the Dodgers don't have a mascot. Luckily, the TBS cameras caught a glimpse of this renegade, unauthorized Dodgers cheerleader while they panned in on the Cardinals dugout.