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    Aug 4, 2015

    18 Faces Everyone Who Has Raised A Puppy Will Recognize

    It's not all cuddling and cuteness.

    1. The "How Do You Have To Pee So Often" Face.

    2. The "I Guess I'm Never Sleeping Comfortably Again" Face.

    3. The "Please, For The Love Of God Listen To Me" Face.

    4. The "You're Lucky You're So Freakin' Adorable" Face.

    5. The "Wait No No No Please Don't Poop In The House" Face.

    6. The "Holy Shit Dog Food Is Expensive" Face.

    7. The "But Those Were My Good Socks" Face.

    8. The "Did You Seriously Eat The Remote" Face.

    9. The "Please Don't Shake Off In The House" Face.

    10. The "When Did You Get So Damn Dirty" Face.

    11. The "No It's Not Time To Wake Up Yet" Face.

    12. The "Why Do You Like My Shoes More Than All Your Toys That I Bought You" Face.

    13. The "Please Dear God Stop Barking" Face.

    14. The "Are You Going To Pee Or Just Sniff Every Inch Of The Yard" Face.

    15. The "But I'm Too Tired To Play" Face.

    16. The "I Forgot The Poop Bag" Face.

    17. The "I Smell Something Bad And I Don't Know Where It's Coming From" Face.

    18. The "I Can't Stay Angry At You" Face.

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