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    Posted on Feb 4, 2015

    26 Everyday Heroes That Go Above And Beyond

    Some people just go that extra mile.

    1. This determined cop who dug through a couple feet of snow to give this guy a ticket.

    2. This mom who would do ANYTHING for her son.

    3. This candy king who counted how many licks it took to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop.

    4. This teacher who wore the same outfit on picture day for 40 years.

    5. The high school that put Jasper — a student's service dog — in the yearbook.

    6. This convenience store that invented another hour in the day for their customers.

    7. Richard, for not letting anything stop him from delivering the goods.

    8. This women who didn't let a lack of weaponry stop her from attacking her husband.

    9. Whoever canonized this group of living saints.

    10. Whoever designed a Lethal Weapon II hotel room.

    11. This cat who has no problem doing the dirty work.

    12. This TRUE teammate.

    13. Whoever put up this plaque.

    14. This XFINITY customer service representative who goes the extra mile.

    15. Whoever cleverly rearranged this campaign sign.

    16. The parking lot crusader who slapped a "Student Driver" sticker on this Nissan Altima.

    17. The guy eating ice cream in this picture.

    18. The Uber driver that accepted this fare.

    19. Whoever noted that this door needed an eye-catching notice.

    20. Whoever made this CPR book 100x more enjoyable.

    21. Whoever hacked into this traffic sign.

    22. This honest treadmill.

    23. The author of the Red Cross first aid guide.

    24. This troll who flipped his car purposely to spite The Man.

    25. This barber, who is undeniably committed to his craft.

    26. And of course, the set designer of this porno.

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