16 Encounters That Prove The World Is Smaller Than You Think

You never know who you’ll run into.

1. When this guy ran into Sharon Stone while walking around in Tel Aviv.

2. When this guy ran into his childhood idol at a music festival.

3. When this guy ran into some dude at the airport.

4. When these strangers’ planets aligned.

5. When this kid went to Disney.

6. When this superfan got to meet his idol.

7. When these strangers met their younger/older selves on the subway.

8. When this kid wore the perfect shirt out to dinner.

9. When this girl’s wish came true.

10. When this kid met his favorite dancer.

11. When this non-believer found God.

12. When this guy picked the right day to wear his Foo Fighter’s t-shirt.

13. When these two decided to talk it out.

14. When these two met at the movies.

15. When these families ran into each other on vacation.

16. And when this guy met some former Chemistry teacher.

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