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21 People Who Embraced Being Weird In 2015

Go weird or go home.

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1. This substitute teacher slurping down spicy brown mustard:

2. This guy who left a gift for the next owner of this desk:

3. This one kid who doesn't care that you're supposed to face the camera:

4. This animal lover:

5. This kid who wore a pumpkin on his head to class:

6. This bold college student:

7. This love-child of the Hamburglar and Dr. Seuss:

8. This family who randomly hired an Elvis impersonator for the night:

9. This homeowner who creeped out the neighborhood:

10. This hockey fan in a casual astronaut suit:

11. This king of comfort:

12. This doppelgaƤnger:

13. This curious cat:

14. This dude who will never lose his luggage:

15. These bros making their dreams come true:

16. The owners of this porn-inspired corn stand:

17. Whoever placed Mr. Bean in a public bathroom:

18. The champion all the way to the right:

19. This innovator:

20. These best friends:

21. And this dog out in search of adventure:

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