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    Drunk Redskins Fan Thrown Down Steps By Cop Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment

    It's been a rough season for the Washington faithful.

    On Sunday, the Washington Redskins suffered another heartbreaking loss in front of their home crowd, but not every fan had to endure watching Tony Romo lead the Cowboys down the field for the go-ahead touchdown. One Redskins fan made an early exit after he was literally thrown down a flight of stairs by a stadium security.

    The young fan — who was proudly wearing a "Dallas Sucks" t-shirt — was aggressively removed from the FedEx Field upper deck after his drunken behavior and language became too much for a family of Cowboys fans sitting in front of him. His ejection was so spectacular that it earned the Taiwanese animation treatment — a.k.a. the ultimate sign of respect. Here's how they told the story:

    The story started with two pals toasting to their favorite team with frosty glass mugs that would never be allowed in any NFL stadium.

    After a few too many adult beverages, the obscenities and some magic metal cup started flying.

    Eventually their debauchery became too much and they were removed from the stands by stadium security.

    But wait! Our drunken fools snuck back into their seats under the camouflage of very small potted plants!

    Where they resumed terrorizing their section with more obscenities and magic metal cups.

    That is until security spotted them once again...

    And aggressively removed their stumbling, drunk bodies out of the the stadium, again.

    But not before the security guard lost his cool and our "Dallas Sucks" bro lost his balance, tumbling down at least 10 steps.

    Watch "Dallas Sucks" fateful fall in real life along with the full Taiwanese animation:

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    h/t Busted Coverage