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19 People Who Should've Had Their Driver's License Revoked In 2018

Get off the road.

1. This guy who didn't realize eating pasta and driving don't mix:

2. This person with too much junk in the trunk:

3. This driver who obviously has x-ray vision:

4. The refrigerator transporter:

5. This guy who thought he found a shortcut:

6. The driver of this U-Haul:

7. Anyone who thinks this is acceptable:

8. This person casually driving without a wheel:

9. This person who doesn't realize there are only three lanes:

10. Whoever brought their car into the shop for this:

11. This person who thought their car would be supported by a bike trail:

12. This person on the phone while eating a plate of food and driving:

13. The driver of this inventive 3-wheeler:

14. This cinderblock death trap:

15. This person who doesn't realize the mattress also deflates:

16. This driver with a very serious problem:

17. The driver of this house on wheels:

18. This "partly blind" driver:

19. And this dude, who may not be a bad driver, but is 100% an idiot: