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22 Times DIY Became D.I. OMG Why?

Always consult a professional.

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1. When the AC breaks in the minivan and you say "I can fix it":

2. When you wanna repurpose your old PC:

3. When you binge-watch five seasons of Game of Thrones:

4. When your Eagle Scout training finally comes in handy:

5. When you decide that you don't need a ladder:

6. When you know the big fishes hang out 15 feet off the shore:

7. When you Pinterest yourself a salad spoon:

8. When you're convinced you're Clint Eastwood:

9. When you don't want anyone pooping in the basement:

10. When your headlight is broken, but you can't afford another ticket:

11. When you wanna be safe, but can't find a switchplate for three switches:

12. When you've got a hankering for chili, but the stove doesn't work:

13. When you want sick rims for your whip, but can't afford the price tag:

14. When some hooligan steals your hood ornament and you don't want people to forget you're classy:

15. When you wanna support the team at all times:

16. When you need to get to work and your car isn't starting:

17. When you can't find the perfect nightstand at the flea market:

18. When the tailgate falls off your pickup:

19. When you decide to make your own crosswalk:

20. When the TV works just fine with exception of the power button:

21. When you're having guests and the door knob breaks:

22. And when you don't want any more kids, but you don't trust doctors.

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