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Did Catholic School Ruin You For Life?

Religion class ends, guilt lasts forever.

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  1. You were told that you were going to hell.
    You were told that you were going to hell because of something relatively insignificant.
    You remember the exact pattern of your uniform.
    You avoid plaid clothing at all costs.
    You received detention for not tucking in your shirt.
    You believe the school was more concerned with your uniform than learning.
    You're still not sure of the difference between a mortal and venial sin.
    You're pretty sure not tucking in your shirt was a sin.
    You wore the same pair of shoes for far too long.
    You owned a W.W.J.D bracelet.
    You donated all of your money for dress down days.
    Choosing what to wear in the morning in your post-uniform life is daunting.
    Sometimes you forget farting as loud as possible in public isn't acceptable.
    You feel guilty when you don't go to mass.
    Even if you haven't been to mass in years.
    Even if you aren't sure if you believe in God.
    You had to dress as an angel.
    You sang in choir.
    You weren't allowed to awkwardly grind at school dances.
    But you did it anyway.
    You were told to "leave room for the Holy Spirit."
    You know you go to hell if you have premarital sex.
    Sex Ed classes barely existed.
    Condoms were never mentioned.
    You graduated only knowing your own anatomy.
    You had class with the same 30 people for about a decade.
    You were constantly reminded how much better Jesus was at life than you.
    You were forced to go to reconciliation.
    Where you were never completely honest about all your sins.
    You didn't always do your penance.
    You took Latin.
    You prayed to St. Anthony when you lost something.
    Your family expects you to say grace at holiday meals.
    You had to fullfill required community service.
    You still write in cursive.
    And "Jesus is always the answer."
    Public school kids thought you were weird.
    You got jealous whenever they got off from school for Jewish holidays.
    And teacher conventions.
    You still have all your class pictures.
    And you're still best friends with some of the same people from first grade.
    You look back on your time fondly, even though you complained constantly while you were there.
    You generally consider yourself a good person.
    But you still have a sneaky suspicion that you're going to hell.

Did Catholic School Ruin You For Life?

Of course it didn't. Catholic school might have been more strict than their public counterparts, but you got out what you made from it. Sure, the uniforms may have been annoying, and eternal damnation was a constant threat, but you didn't turn out half bad (and if you did, it wasn't because you had to wear plaid everyday).

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