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    32 Daily Struggles Constantly Stressed-Out People Will Understand

    It's a vicious cycle.

    1. Waking up thinking you forgot to set your alarm, only to remember you set five.

    Matthew Kiebus / BuzzFeed

    2. Having a slight panic attack over what to wear.

    3. Rethinking your whole outfit when you check the weather.

    Matthew Kiebus / BuzzFeed

    4. Realizing you have nothing to bring for lunch.

    5. Triple-checking that you turned off all your lights and appliances.

    6. Struggling to remind yourself that you didn't burn your house down.

    7. Forgetting if you locked the door.

    8. Stressing out about rush hour traffic...

    9. ...or the train...

    10. ...or the bus.

    11. Immediately getting anxiety when your boss asks to "check in."

    20th Century Fox / Via

    12. Praying to God that no one makes you participate in group meetings.

    13. Spending an hour deciding what to get for lunch because you cross-reference Seamless reviews with Yelp.

    Matthew Kiebus / BuzzFeed

    14. Returning from lunch to a crippling amount of emails.

    Matthew Kiebus / BuzzFeed

    15. Stressing about whether or not you've made yourself indispensable at work.

    16. Wondering if you have chosen the right career path.

    Animal Planet / Via

    17. Pondering your student loan debt for absolutely no reason.

    18. Wondering if college was really worth the price.

    19. Having your casual daily midlife crisis.

    20. Having a minor mental breakdown when friends reschedule plans for later.

    Matthew Kiebus / BuzzFeed

    21. Stressing over holidays that are still months away.

    22. Hyperventilating over how you're going to afford to buy gifts or get home for the holidays.

    23. Worrying about stress getting in the way of work.

    24. Stressing about over-stressing too much.

    25. Getting stressed just thinking about grocery shopping later.

    26. Feeling guilty about wasting money on groceries.

    27. Start wondering again whether or not you locked the door.

    28. Convincing yourself that you definitely burned the house down.

    29. Getting anxiety over what you want for dinner.

    Matthew Kiebus / BuzzFeed

    30. Wondering if you're spending too much time on Nexflix and not enough time socializing or working out.

    31. Losing sleep over-analyzing your lack of weekend plans.

    32. Quadruple-checking whether or not you set your alarm.

    Matthew Kiebus / BuzzFeed

    Wake up and repeat.

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