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17 People Who Probably Didn't Get Their Money's Worth

I mean, do you really need that jet ski?

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1. This person who bought a jet ski for his above-ground pool:

2. This guy who bought a stuffed animal bigger than a NYC studio apartment:

3. This medieval knight in a modern world without sword fights:

4. Whoever wanted to add more nature to their nature:

5. This dreamer who really wanted to live in a water tower:

6. Whoever bought Nic Cage's Ferrari:

7. This genius who needed some new lounge chairs:

8. Whoever purchased this stained glass window:

9. Anyone who buys a 90k engagement ring from Costco:

10. People who purchase vintage Surge on the internet:

11. Whoever got velociraptor for their backyard:

12. The owner of this vehicle:

13. Whoever buys cheese 11 lbs. at a time:

14. Anyone who spends $50 on a "blast knuckles stun gun":

15. This minivan owner who spent money on this vanity plate:

16. Whoever had this custom lighter made:

17. And this dude:

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