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College Basketball Player Uses His 15 Minutes Of Fame To Hit On Kate Upton

Spike Albrecht is the best.

Prior to last night, odds are you had never heard of Spike Albrecht.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

That's because he spent most of his freshman season on the bench behind player of the year Trey Burke.


Before last night the 5-foot-11 guard never scored more than 7 points or played more than 15 minutes in a game this season.


But with Burke in foul trouble Albrecht became an unlikely hero, scoring 17 points in 28 minutes.

Over the course of the first half Spike Albrecht became a national sensation.

Before the game Albrecht had a respectable amount of Twitter followers.

As of this afternoon he's at over 21,000.

So what does a 20-year-old do with this newfound fame, you ask?

He continues to exude confidence.

She IS a Michigan fan...

I mean, this DID happen at a basketball game.

And she does like hanging out with basketball players.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

Stay fearless, my friend.