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College Athlete Fined For Washing Car With "University Water"

I thought this was America, people?

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This week, news surfaced that a nameless WCC school punished a member of their women's golf team for washing her car on campus using university water and a university hose to rinse off her automobile.

The news stemmed from a tweet by the University of Portland men's basketball coach Eric Reveno, who appeared to be quite flummoxed by the situation and the NCAA in general.

Yahoo Sports reached out to the school and the NCAA for comment on the matter.

A WCC school self-reported an extra benefits violation when university officials caught one of their women's golfers washing her car on campus, according to the source. A secondary violation was ruled to have occurred because the water and hose were not available to regular students and requested the golfer pay back $20, which was deemed to be the value of the water and use of the hose.

NCAA spokeswoman Dana Thomas emailed Thursday that her organization did not participate in the decision and does not consider the car wash to have been an extra benefits violation. Asked why the golfer was penalized, Thomas said "it seems there was a miscommunication at some level" and the WCC is working with the school to clarify.

Meaning schools are now so paranoid about NCAA violations that they're fining kids for washing their car, which totally makes sense.

So remember kids...

Because NCAA President Mark Emmert would like you to know...

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