Charles Barkley Makes It Rain Benjamins At A Celebrity Golf Event

Sir Charles ran out of [expletive]s to give, so he gave away $3,000 to random fans.

This past weekend Charles Barkley played in the annual American Century Championship tournament at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. Barkley is a notoriously poor golfer, but fans go to see him play because you never know what to expect — a la Bill Murray. You could get an autograph, or a picture, or maybe a pile of hot, fresh lootcakes.

Joe Proudman / AP

According witnesses with Twitter accounts, the Round Mound of Rebound spent the tournament handing out hundred dollar bills to anyone with a pulse.

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5. If you were at the 7th green you got $100.

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7. If you were a cute little kid you got $100.

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9. And if he liked your dress you got $200.

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And what did he do as an encore? He attended Ray Allen’s birthday party and spoke the body’s sensual language of love with your mom.

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