Can You Distinguish Between Terry Richardson And An NFL Linebacker?

An NFL star may be infringing on the photographer’s trademarked pedo-glasses and thumbs up pose.

1. Meet Von Miller, star linebacker for the Denver Broncos.

Handout / Getty Images

2. On the field he’s one of the most feared defensive players in the NFL.

Bart Young / Getty Images

3. Off the field he’s a kind of a goofball.

4. Who has a strong affinity for large-framed glasses…

Justin Edmonds / Getty Images

5. And giving the thumbs up while posing for pictures.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

*The thumbs up is a Texas A&M tradition that stands for “gig’em Aggies.”

Remind you of anyone?

Keep thinking…

Come on, I gave it away in the title!

9. That’s right! He poses for pictures exactly like Terry Richardson!

They’re like twins!

Seriously, you almost can’t tell them apart!

I mean, they’re completely indistinguishable!

Is it a trained gridiron assassin? Or someone who take pictures of naked women, professionally?

We may never know.

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