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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Oct 1, 2015

    19 Random Questions That You'll Probably Never Know The Answer To


    1. Why does this inaccessible lounge exist?

    2. Why is there a garage door on the third floor?

    3. Why does a Triscuit box plead us to drink responsibly?

    4. Why does this door of doom exist?

    5. What the fuck is this mysterious white box at Subway?

    6. Why does this staircase lead to no where?

    7. Who decided to make this urinal unnecessarily private?

    8. Why are these three water fountains inexplicably different?

    9. Why does this random and remote traffic light exist?

    10. Why do these incredibly large doors have a suspiciously small handle?

    11. Why is this fire extinguisher so grateful?

    12. Why is there a globe of the moon?

    13. What's going on with this one weird window?

    14. Why does this all you can eat restaurant determine prices based on height?

    15. Why hasn't every bathroom stall solved this creep-gap problem?

    16. Why is this miniature "yield" sign so damn small?

    17. Why do these coupons last for the next 90 years?

    18. How do these couples not know each other?

    19. And why did AOL ever make sunscreen?

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