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21 Buses That You Really Shouldn't F**k With

When public transportation goes rogue.

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1. This bus that believes tolls are total BULLSHIT.

2. Wildcard buses with no goals in life.

Flickr: freshelectrons / creative commons / Via Flickr: freshelectrons

3. Buses that prefer to drive on two wheels with FUCKING FIREWORKS SHOOTING OFF FROM THE DRIVERS SEAT.

4. Vigilante buses.

5. Buses that INSIST that they're "more fun" when they're drunk.

6. Buses with a weird sense of irony.

7. Buses that just like to shit on your day.

8. Buses that pick up ANYONE.

9. Buses that take justice into their own hands.

10. Buses that are acting suspiciously too nice.

11. Buses that think they OWN the road.

12. Buses that live based on Drake lyrics.

13. Buses that are ALWAYS trying to make GREAT TIME.

14. Buses that a really into memes.

15. Buses that wish they were in Fast and the Furious.

16. Buses that take questionable detours.

17. Buses that believe they're in a Big Tymers music video.

18. Shark themed buses. DON'T FUCK WITH SHARKS.

19. Indecisive buses that can't decide what lane they want to drive in.

20. Hungry, angry, and broke buses.

21. Buses with a sense of humor.

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