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29 Reasons Big Dogs Are Infinitely Better Than Small Dogs

Everyone knows lap dogs aren't supposed to ACTUALLY fit in your lap.

1. Because a small dog could never pull off this outfit.

2. Big dogs promise to be there for you in your hour of need.

3. Little dogs expect too much. They're prima donnas.

4. Big dogs don't play that shit.

5. Because big dogs are chill as fuck.

6. They VOLUNTEER to get buried at the beach.

7. Because big dogs are the life of the party.

8. Big dogs drive Jeep Wranglers with the TOP DOWN! Little dogs expect YOU to drive!

9. Big dogs are experts at navigating public transportation.

10. They make GREAT travel companions.

11. And of course, they're babe magnets.

12. Because big dogs enjoy life to the fullest.

13. Big dogs are legit super heroes.

14. They're body guards who are always looking out for you...

15. They even protect you when you're pooping.

16. And they make sure you stick to that diet by eating all the cookies for you.

17. Big dogs always know when you need a hearty laugh...

18. And when you need a big hug.

19. Because they're ALWAYS looking out for you.

20. And they CAN'T WAIT for you to come home.


22. Big dogs love to cuddle.

23. Even with the smug little dogs who think they're better than everyone.

24. Big dogs watch Star Wars with you because THEY CARE!

25. Big dogs know how to keep troublemaking cats in their place.

26. And they don't care what "society" thinks a lap dog is supposed to look like!

27. Big dogs will exhaust themselves with their love for you!

28. Because big dogs have the biggest hearts.


29. Ron Swanson said so.