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The 19 Best Moments Of The Russian Police Singing Daft Punk At The Opening Ceremony

The Olympics are off to an amazing start.

1. When this guy came in strong with the fist pump.

2. When his co-star got down with his bad self.

3. When this guy sang his heart out.

4. When we saw the pure joy on this guy's face.

5. When the camera panned on Andy Richter and his buddies.

6. When this guy taught us showmanship.

7. When this guy bit his lower lip sensually.

8. When we were introduced to this man's mustache.

9. When the camera panned out and we met the whole crew.

10. When our hero signaled for us to get on up.

11. When we met the biggest Daft Punk fan in Russia.

12. When this guy looked like he was rapping.

13. When we met Russia's Three Musketeers.

14. When crowd participation was heartily encouraged.

15. When this facial expression occurred.

16. When these three got together to teach us how to party.

17. When these guys looked at each other and questioned their life decisions.

18. When this quick bicep flex got snuck in.

19. When they did this homage to Jersey Boys at the end.

Check out the entire transcendent performance here.