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25 Times Basketball Players Totally Forgot How To Basketball

Take a lap, guys.

1. When Jarrett Jack tried to throw the basketball out of the arena.

2. When Amare Stoudamire decided he was so over playing defense.

3. When Nick Young forgot how to put the ball in the basket.

4. When Andrea Bargnani proved why he was a No. 1 draft pick.

5. When Marcin Gortat showed the world how not to do the Dream Shake.

6. When Vince Carter airballed this wide open layup.

7. When Rasheed Wallace forgot which basket to shoot at.

8. When Big Baby Davis forgot to jump higher.

9. When DeSagana Diop shot a free throw.

10. When Landry Fields earned every penny of his $20 million contract.

11. When J.J. Redick wore roller skates.

12. When Kendrick Perkins forgot who was on his team.

13. When the Bobcats chased this loose ball.

14. When this Atlanta guard just gave up.

15. When Isaiah Thomas decided he doesn't want to play anymore.

16. When Samuel Dalembert forgot he wasn't a point guard.

17. When the Chicago Bulls forgot they needed someone to inbound the ball.

18. When Marreese Speights forgot he wasn't Superman.

19. When Andrew Bynum threw this perfect strike.

20. When the Timberwolves and Rockets did this.

21. When Trevor Ariza passed to a wide open fan in the 4th row.

22. When JaVale McGee forgot how to pass.

23. When JaVale McGee forgot how to drive.

24. When JaVale McGee forgot about goaltending.

25. When JaVale McGee forgot everything.