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    Baseball Player Hilariously Responds To His Drunk Heckler

    Simply brilliant.

    Baseball players get heckled constantly, most of them refuse to acknowledge the screaming fans. Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips isn't like most baseball players. After a rain delay that cleared out most of the fans at PNC Bank Ballpark, a drunk Pirates fan decided to target Phillips, who heard the taunts about his speed loud and clear.

    After the game Phillips came over to the fan, took a selfie, and gave him this amazing souvenir.

    Dear Drunk Guy, Thank you 4 all the love & support!! Now take this ball and shut the phuck up!! From Yours Truly, Brandon Phillips #4 "DATDUDE"

    A Reddit user named Placenta_Claus who claims to be the lucky fan's brother relayed the unforgettable story. He also wrote that, "We're Pirates fans, but I'll be rooting for the Reds as long as is doesn't mess with Pittsburgh's chances at a pennant." So the lesson here is — GET DRUNK AND HECKLE BRANDON PHILLIPS!

    h/t Larry Brown Sports