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    Jul 22, 2013

    Baseball Player Gets Destroyed By A Man Falling From The Sky

    Who says baseball is boring?

    Baseball players get injured in a myriad of ways, from running to first base, falling in the clubhouse, and getting mauled in celebrations to simply sleeping on their arm weird. Injuries in baseball are both incredibly common and insanely unpredictable.

    You could get hit in the nuts with an errant throw on a pick-off move.

    You could get hit in the head while breaking up a double play.

    OR you could get hit by skydiver.

    That's minor leaguer Mattingly Romanin on the receiving end of one of the strangest collisions you'll ever seen on a baseball diamond. The shortstop for the Hannibal Cavemen of the Missouri Prospect League got lit up by a ceremonial skydiver. Romanin survived, but unfortunately his sunglasses did not.

    Watch the collision here:

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