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21 Pictures That Girls Will Just Never Understand

"Trust me, dude. You got this."

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1. When you decided to make THAT mistake again:

2. When you knew it was a bad idea in the first place:

3. When you go to the supermarket without a plan and leave with Sprite and ketchup:

4. When you beat the system, but realize it was a mistake:

5. When you finally clean out your overstuffed wallet:

6. When The Man shuts down your supply:

7. When you're incredibly proud yourself:

8. When you get necessary supplies for inclement weather:

9. When you want to watch the game, but you're in the doghouse:

10. When you go to grab a glass of water the morning after a rough night out and find the remote instead:

11. When you convince your sibling to do anything:

12. When your friends got you — and you're completely helpless:

13. When you make a decision and stubbornly stick to it:

14. When you have to do shit on a budget:

15. When your buddy bets you that you can't do the Jean Claude Van Damme kitchen split from Time Cop:

16. When your "friends" give you a haircut:

17. When you say the first thing that comes to mind:

18. When you've got an excuse for everything:

19. When you need hot sauce accessible at all times:

20. When you can't resist being an asshole:

21. And when you feel compelled to draw penises everywhere:

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