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17 Animals Who Are Perfect Workout Partners

Looking for someone to keep you committed to your New Year's resolution? Well, these guys live for the weight room.

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1. This pooch toning his hind quarters.

2. This cat making herself useful by any means necessary.

3. These bear cubs staying in shape during the off-season.

4. This dog looking for a pickup game.

5. The most fit walrus ever.

6. This photobombing dog with an itchy butt.

7. This dog testing the safety of the trampoline.

8. This cat demonstrating how to strut your stuff.

9. This dog doing some power squats.

10. This Jack Russell acting all human.

11. This kitten slash personal trainer.

12. This dog who pushes through the extra mile.

13. These Corgis maintaining optimal cuteness.

14. This little bird showing off.

15. This dog one-upping the bird and the tennis ball.

16. This cat burning off some calories on this makeshift treadmill.

17. This fat cat who doesn't "do" exercise but knows you're wasting too much time watching TV.

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