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21 Animals Having A Better Summer Vacation Than You

Don't let the summer pass you by!

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1. This dog who FINALLY got around to his life-long dream of renting a scooter.

2. This service dog who met his idol at the most magical place on earth.

3. This cat who is ballin' hard on spring break.

4. This overworked pup who earned the right to sleep in.

5. This extreme dog who got the skate park all to himself.

6. This chick magnet.

7. This dog being taken for a nice, relaxing walk on the beach.

8. The cool K-9 enjoying the outdoors with some suds.

9. This tag-team hanging out at the pool.

10. This cat grabbing a mid-day siesta.

11. This dog getting in touch with his inner-pup.

12. This hound enjoying a lazy Sunday in the pool.

13. This cute cat who brunched too hard and took a nap on the porch.

14. This golden retriever who knows it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

15. This dog who finally got around to going on that fishing trip.

16. This cat who knows how to keep cool and not sweat the small stuff.

17. This dawg who decided on a chill stay-cation.

18. These Huskies who decided to get out of the cold for a change.

19. This ultimate road trip companion.

20. This pooch catching some cosmic rays down by the pool.

21. And the REAL three musketeers.

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