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    Posted on Sep 26, 2012

    Affordable Body Armor For The Casual Weekend Warrior

    Can't rationalize spending top dollar for premium protection? Check out some of this barely maimed-in secondhand steel!

    Are you a little short in the coin pouch?

    Can't afford to keep up with the latest trends in King Arthur's court?

    But still want to look stylish while dismembering your enemies?

    We know how you feel.

    And we've got you covered...

    Want to sacrifice function for high fashion? We've got helmets for even the most bizarrely shapen heads.

    Need some extra room for your tallywaker?

    Barely used gauntlets! Italian made!

    Pointy steel shoes! Half off!

    Antique coifs!

    Time-tested chest plates!

    We've got casual armor for Fridays chillin' on the stoop...

    ... and serious armor for Saturday showdowns with your buddies.

    With our help you'll be swilling mead with all the hot wenches in no time!

    We guarantee it!

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