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Abraham Lincoln Jumps Out Of Crowd To Piledrive Teddy Roosevelt

Honest Abe is kind of a bastard.

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One new tradition that seems to have caught on among baseball fans is the "Presidents Race" during the fourth inning of Washington Nationals games.

This tradition has one gimmick: Teddy Roosevelt loses a lot — often in dramatic fashion. So for Teddy this "fun" race becomes a sick, twisted mental and physical challenge that has ruined his self-esteem. Basically, he still speaks softly, but now he merely carries a twig.

This past weekend it appeared as though Teddy was going to jog his way to his sixth victory of the 2013 "Presidents Race" season — until that bearded cheater "Honest Abe" showed up.

The homestretch was wide open until Mr. Morality decided to crash the party.

Teddy Roosevelt: always the runner-up. Shooter knows how lonely second place can be.

And, with that, we've become the first website to compare a guy who's on Mount Rushmore to Shooter McGavin.

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