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    18 People Who Have Taken Things A Step Too Far

    Pump the breaks.

    1. These teens upset with their service:

    Twitter: @doyle2405 / Via @doyle2405

    2. This unholy Starbucks barista:

    3. Whoever put this paint job on a Maserati:

    4. Whoever took the time to create an "online selfie course":

    Twitter: @StubbiesNZ / Via @StubbiesNZ

    5. Kimmy Schmidt:

    Netflix / / Via

    6. Those demons at Pringles:

    7. This sex ed teacher:

    Twitter: @SayingForFemale / Via @SayingForFemale

    8. The mad scientist who created this:

    9. And this:

    10. This kid's friends:

    Twitter: @KurtisPosts / Via @KurtisPosts

    11. This commuter's nightmare:

    12. Hyper-specific dating websites:

    13. This ice pop:

    14. This dude's workout shirt:

    Twitter: @_LiftingProbz_ / Via @_LiftingProbz_

    15. These boxers:

    16. This person's Sriracha addiction:

    17. That friend who thinks they're on The Voice:

    Twitter: @CatPornx / Via @CatPornx

    18. And the Duck Dynasty marketing department:

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