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    40 Reasons Phoenix Is The Most Adorable Band Ever

    The Parisian quartet suffers from serious cuteness overload.

    1. You know these four Frenchies from their catchy synth-filled pop music...

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    2. But did you know they're also the most adorable band alive?

    3. Even their language barrier is super charming.

    4. Look how happy R. Kelly is to be chillin' with them!

    5. Now watch Thomas Mars dance like a goofball.

    6. Hey, Melissa McCarthy! Branco has a rose for you!

    7. They ride bikes together.

    8. And share the same book when they read in the park.

    9. Before concerts they cruise around town in vintage cars.

    10. They go the extra mile for their fans...

    11. Even the tiniest one.

    12. They know sliding down railings will never stop being fun.

    13. Just look at them affectionately interlocking arms.

    14. I bet this makes you want to buy an antique globe now.

    15. Oh, here's their best friend R. Kelly again!

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    16. They're always lending each other a helping hand.

    17. Look at these nerds in front of the Louvre and try not to giggle.

    18. What's that?

    19. You didn't know their fans give them tequila!

    The gift that keeps giving!

    20. They just make you wanna say "aww."

    21. I mean how many other bands have pictures with kangaroos?

    22. Or playfully slap each others asses?


    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    24. Look at them casually walking the streets of Paris playing sweet tunes.

    25. You can almost feel Deck's hugs.

    26. Look at Branco straight groovin' in a shiny jacket.

    27. Race car photo shoot? Why the hell not?

    28. Oh, did you know they're besties with Daft Punk and Air?

    29. They photobomb pictures of luggage!

    30. They're like the Reservoir Dogs if you replace suits for skinny jeans and violence for dance tunes!

    31. They hide in the trees!

    32. Look at this interaction between brothers.

    33. And Thomas is married to Sofia Coppola.

    34. They high-five mascots...

    35. Hang with Donald Glover...

    36. And Solange and the dude from Grizzly Bear!

    37. Look how colorfully they dress!

    38. There's a stuffed animal in his shirt pocket!

    39. Now, go listen to their album...