37 Things You May Not Know About Saturday Night Live

    The sketch comedy and variety showed debuted this week in 1975. Thirty-seven years later we're still watching, even if you bitch it's not "funny" anymore.

    1. George Carlin was the first host in SNL history 37 years ago

    2. Lorne Michaels once offered The Beatles $3,000 to reunite on the show. John and Paul were watching and considered hopping in a cab from The Dakota building* on 72nd St, but were "too tired."

    3. Paul McCartney is the only musician to play 4 songs

    4. Bill Murray got into a physical altercation with Chevy Chase minutes before Chevy delivered his opening monologue

    5. Larry David once quit the show because his sketches weren't being used, only to return the next morning as though nothing happened

    6. Adam Sandler and Chris Farley were both fired

    7. Johnny Knoxville turned down an opportunity to join the cast in 1995. Five years prior to "Jackass"

    8. Steve Carell and his wife Nancy Walls both auditioned for the show in 1995

    9. Carell was beat out by SNL-legend Will Ferrell

    10. Nancy made the cut

    11. Stephen Colbert was a writer during the 97-98 season

    12. Colbert and Carrell voiced the "Ambiguously Gay Duo"

    13. Former cast member Rob Riggle is a Lt. Colonel in the USMC Reserves

    14. Chris Parnell is the only cast member to be fired twice

    15. Alec Baldwin has hosted 16 times. Most in SNL history.

    16. Larry the Lobster on "Spongebob Squarepants" is rumored to have gotten his name from an Eddie Murphy sketch.

    17. Bob Odenkirk (aka Saul Goodman from "Breaking Bad") created Chris Farley's motivational speaker character Matt Foley.

    18. In 1975 Candice Bergen hosted the lowest rated episode in the show's history.

    19. Louis C.K. auditioned, and failed to make the cast in 1993.

    20. Donald Glover auditioned to play Barack Obama...

    21. ...so did Wyatt Cenac...

    22. ...and Jordan Peele.

    23. John Candy turned down an opportunity to join the cast

    24. Matt LeBlanc is the only cast member of "Friends" to never host SNL

    25. Cypress Hill was banned from the show for smoking weed during their live performance

    26. Steven Seagal was banned for being an asshole to the cast and crew

    27. G.E. Smith (aka the mid-90s band leader with awesome hair) was the guitarist for Hall and Oates

    28. The inventor of the internet's daughter, Kristin Gore, wrote for the show...

    29. ...so did Mel Brooks' son, Max...

    30. ...and Regis Philbin's daughter, J.J...

    31. ...where she met her husband, Michael Schur (aka the creator of "Parks and Recreation")

    32. The show had to drop* it's "live" label in favor of a 7-second delay for unpredicable hosts, Richard Pryor and Andrew Dice Clay

    33. The worst SNL-inspired film, "It's Pat," made only $60,822 worldwide

    34. The show's first-ever cancellation was due to the famous 1986 World Series game when the New York Mets beat the Boston Red Sox due to Bill Buckner's error

    35. Dane Cook auditioned in 2002, but lost out to Will Forte

    36. Kel Mitchell auditioned in 2004, but lost out to his "Goodburger" co-star Kenan Thompson

    37. In 1975 SNL made a parody commercial about a 3-bladed razor. Twenty-three years later the Gillette Mach3 debuted