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    Posted on Sep 20, 2015

    36 Signs That Actually Deserve Your Attention

    For right and wrong reasons.

    1. This dental practice that wants you to know about their hobbies:

    2. This sandwich shop with a killer special:

    3. This tire alignment specialist that can't even align their sign:

    4. The karma sutra section of Home Depot:

    5. This value supermarket:

    6. This very honest disclaimer:

    7. This passive-aggressive note in a doctors office:

    8. This fact proven by science:

    9. This gentle warning:

    10. This danger sign you should take seriously:

    11. This body-language translator:

    12. This helpful reminder:

    13. This life hack:

    14. This thorough guideline:

    15. This bizarre detour:

    16. This perfect threat for misbehaving children:

    17. This pizza place with a sense of humor:

    18. This liquor store with great savings:

    19. This explanation for pale skin:

    20. This sign that someone didn't think through:

    21. This poop palace of equality:

    22. This place that doesn't discriminate:

    23. This confused restaurant:

    24. Mike's casual steakhouse with good benefits:

    25. This perfect life motto:

    26. This creepy slice of deliciousness:

    27. This perfect explanation for the stupidity of water:

    28. This violation of our human rights:

    29. This moral obligation:

    30. This ode to the departed:

    31. This absolute steal:

    32. This perfect philosophy:

    33. This dentist who goes below and beyond:

    34. The absolute truth:

    35. This serious question:

    36. And of course, the light at the end of the rainbow:

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