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28 Things We'll Miss From Johnny Football's Twitter Account

The 20-year-old Heisman winner wants his privacy back.

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Yesterday, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel announced a self-imposed Twitter ban. We're really going to miss him.

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1. Throwback Thursdays.

2. His meta selfies.

3. Because he got ALL the beads at Mardi Gras!

4. When he hung out with his boy 2 Chains.

5. When he joined Rick Ross's posse.

6. When he did the Heisman pose with Wale.

7. His friendships with the Lob City crew.

8. His spring break photos in Cabo.

9. When he hung out with this sick little kid.

10. When he played Monopoly with sick kids in Connecticut.

11. When he told Marshall Henderson to forget about the haters.

12. That time he totalled his car.

13. When he humblebragged about being a 6 or 7 handicap in golf.

14. When he became boys with the Duck Dynasty crew.

15. Or when he golfed with the Jonas brothers?

16. When he was cramming for finals.

17. When he went to that rave at TCU with his boys.

18. When Michael Vick congratulated him on earning his attention.

19. When him and fellow Aggie Von Miller showed their school spirit.

*The thumbs up is a Texas A&M tradition that stands for "gig'em Aggies."
Twitter: @JManziel2

*The thumbs up is a Texas A&M tradition that stands for "gig'em Aggies."

20. When he's hanging out with the wifey.

21. When he took selfies in his sick camo gear.

22. Hunting with his pops.

23. When he hung out with Megan Fox at the Tonight Show


That time he chilled with LeBron.

25. Or when he bumped into James Harden in the Rockets locker room.

26. That time him and his sister got matching Rolex's for Christmas.

27. His trips to Oklahoma casinos.

*You can gamble at 18 years old in Oklahoma.
Twitter: @JManziel2

*You can gamble at 18 years old in Oklahoma.

28. And who could forget that time he met Manti T'eo's girlfriend?

Let's keep our fingers crossed he doesn't shut down his wonderful Instagram account next.

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