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28 Stages Of Thanksgiving Eve Awkwardness

It's amazing how social people get after a few drinks.

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1. Are you ready for the biggest bar night of the year?

2. Okay, but are you prepared to have the same conversation with 20 people you haven't seen in forever?

3. Most of whom you didn't particularly like growing up?

4. Don't stress.

5. Sure, it's awkward at first, but there's a cure for that...

6. You can totally fake it for one night.

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7. So grab another beer...

8. Have a shot...

9. Before you know it, this:

10. Turns into this:

11. Now you're ready to catch up!

12. "Wow, you're engaged?"

13. "Wait, you make how much money?"

14. Fuck, okay, breathe, and find the closest bartender...

15. Reminisce about the good ole days.

16. Laugh about how lame you were in high school.


18. See, this isn't that bad!

19. Look! You're even dancing!

20. Dear God, you're having fun!

21. You start realizing you might like these people!

22. Then your high school crush walks into the bar.

23. And for some inexplicable reason is talking to you

24. Your last memory is that misguided round of courage shots.

25. Next thing you know it's Thanksgiving.

26. You have a crippling hungover, but get to watch football and do this all day.

27. And remember there's always light at the end of the tunnel...

28. No more awkward conversations for a whole year... Ah shit, I forgot about Christmas

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