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    26 Relationships That Were Obviously Doomed From The Start

    Love isn't for everyone.

    1. This girl who is already in a committed relationship with cereal.

    2. This guy who can't spell.

    3. This girl who has eyes for another.

    4. This couple that society isn't ready for yet.

    5. This person with no chill.

    6. Sweety<3 likes to party too much.

    7. This person with a bad habit of misplacing things.

    8. This couple is simply too honest.

    9. Whoever sent this "wrong picture."

    10. This fool.

    11. This person who took a year-long shower.

    12. This really passive aggressive mom.

    13. This "how we met" story that wouldn't fly at the wedding.

    14. This teenage father who definitely has a gun.

    15. These people who believe in different things.

    16. This person with a smidgen of anger issues.

    17. This guy who didn't know his girlfriend's dad's profession.

    18. Not everyone has a good sense of humor.

    19. These astronomy majors.

    20. This nostalgic ex.

    21. This perfect FYI.

    22. This dad's who knows emojis.

    23. This narcissist.

    24. This person with super high expectations.

    25. This person who has their priorities in order.

    26. And this club-loving liar.