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24 Things That Prove God Is Officially Dead

No one could be this cruel.

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1. This deceptive, despicable, and unholy sign:

2. This eternal purgatory:

3. The existence of this sick, twisted borderline demonic teacher:

4. The fact that PRANK PREGNANCY TESTS exist in this world:

5. This small but deadly torture device:

6. This nightmare that somehow became our reality:

7. This cruel sticker of an outlet in an airport:

8. This seemingly innocent, yet incredibly mischievous spelling fail:

9. This cold-hearted rejection from

10. This pile of dog shit DIRECTLY on top of a space heater:

11. This bacon cheeseburger with extra bacon:

12. This fiendish wasp playing the world's most devious game of hide-and-go-seek:

13. This guy's friend:

14. This sad shell of a taco:

15. The existence of this man's body hair:

16. The fact that only an asshole would change chocolate milk into orange juice:

17. This hellscape:

18. This asshole Jason:

19. These vile creations:

20. The fact nobody at the DMV told this guy that no one would read "a new start":

21. This tragedy:

22. The super-villain architect of these stairs:

23. This tattoo:

24. And being reminded of the existence of your grandmother's vagina:

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