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23 Signs You Went To A Mid-Major College

It's Cinderella season. Stand up and be proud!

1. Finding your way around campus was never this hard.

2. And classrooms never resembled football stadiums.

3. In fact you didn't have a football team so your school's bookstore sold t-shirts like this:

4. However, you kicked ass at a less mainstream sport like lacrosse.

5. You were rarely surrounded by complete strangers.

6. You made friends fo' LIFE.

7. And they are probably weirder than most.

8. And you guys are really comfortable with each other.

9. So your theme parties tend to get kinda strange...

10. Like really bizarre.

11. No one acted like this when they saw a star athlete on campus.

12. And no one ever confused your gymnasium with an arena.

13. It could be mistaken for a large high school's.

14. But you always proudly packed the place anyway.

15. This is how people react when you say where you went to school.

16. And this is how they react when you explain it further.

17. You have very little patience for those people.

18. Because you have bit of a chip on your shoulder.

19. Deep down you love being an underdog.

20. You love the first week of March Madness.

21. You don't care that a lot of people have never heard of your school.

22. Because you're damn proud of it anyway.

23. And maybe after this month is over people will never forget your school again.