23 Company Holiday Party Blunders To Avoid

    Escape with your dignity and employment status still intact.

    Someone always makes a fool of themselves, don't let that fool be you!

    1. Remember to dress appropriately

    2. Because THIS is not what they meant by "festive attire."

    3. Be careful when drinking with the boss.

    4. Because alcohol is not a reason to tell him how you REALLY feel.

    5. Don't get handsy with co-workers.

    6. This is not a good time to reveal your drug habits.

    7. If you CAN'T dance. Don't dance.

    If you CAN dance. By all means go to town.

    8. Shirts are not optional!

    9. Don't compare beer bellies

    10. Watch yourself with the drunk toasts.

    11. Find the bathroom. Not the stairwell or nearest potted plant.

    12. Don't get caught making out in the storage closet.

    13. Or proudly picking your nose.

    14. Try not to get caught staring.

    15. Bringing an inflatable sex doll isn't funny, bro.

    16. This is not an acceptable way to laugh...

    17. There's no need for double fisting, it's an open bar.

    18. Think twice before dropping it low.

    19. Seriously...

    20. Okay, um, wow, that's way too low ...

    21. And don't sit on Santa's lap.

    22. You'll regret it when the picture is posted everywhere in the office.

    Just pray these people aren't throwing your party.

    23. Oh yea, be wary of after party invitations...