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22 Reasons Grandpas Are The Biggest Badasses To Walk The Earth


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1. Because they pull off the cigar-in-mouth, dog-in-shirt, sword-in-hand look so effortlessly.

2. And lets be honest — they can totally still kick your ass.

3. Because they're innovators...

4. Problem solvers...

*I assume he locked his keys in the car.

5. And real life superheroes.

6. Who still talk shit during games of ping pong.

7. And always know the right time for a well-placed dick joke.

8. They cherish family heirlooms.

9. And birthday party pranks.

10. They always give the best gifts.

11. But they know Christmas is really about treating yourself.

12. And they keep the 3D glasses from the movie theater!

13. They never let their age slow them down.

14. Because they still know how to pack a punch.

15. They'll always stick up for you.

16. And they never cease to amaze.

17. They're not afraid of the police.

18. Because they're not afraid of anything.

19. They don't have time for bullshit.

20. Because they're too busy crushing life.

21. And they know age is only a number.

22. And that means you're never NEVER too old to be a complete badass.

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