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Posted on Dec 13, 2012

19 Of The Year's Most Dubious Scientific Studies

The following is the result of real research and analysis. Face meet palm.

1. Watching pornography could make men better weightlifters.

Lars Baron / Getty Images

It can also cause computer viruses and extreme loneliness.

Watching pornography 'could make men better weightlifters' study says

2. Drinking large quanties of beer is good for you.


All your binge drinking is totally gonna pay off in the end. Livers are stupid.

Beer is good for you: study finds that suds contain anti-viral powers

3. People are attracted to badasses because badasses are super stylish.


By this definition Nicolas Cage is the most attractive person in the world. Oh, wait this one could be true...

Study Suggests That People Are Attracted to Badasses Because Badasses Are Super Stylish

4. Female pornstars are happier than other women.

How can we be sure they're not faking it?

Female Porn Stars Are Happier Than Other Women? Go Science!

5. Scientists finally figure out "cool."

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

An argument between two psychologists over the "coolness" of Steve Buscemi resulted in a scientific study on the essence of cool. I'm not kidding.

Scientists crack the code over what makes us cool...and it isn't what you might think

7. Men prefer flings with dumb-looking women.

9. Scientists can tell whether you're gay or straight based on eye dialation.

10. Research shows that rich people lie and cheat a lot.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

11. Four or more cups of coffee per day fights off cancer.

Flickr: 69251310@N05

So the twitching and inability to focus is a good thing?

Caffeinated Coffee: The Anti-Cancer Wonder Drug

12. Eating egg yolks is as bad as smoking.

Flickr: aleberti

Second-hand egg-yolk eating is the U.S.'s biggest killer.

Eating egg yolks as 'bad as smoking'

13. Castration is the key for long life in men.

14. Investment banking can be bad for your health.


Immortality doesn't stem from huge Christmas bonuses, impossibly long hours and four steak dinners per week?

Investment banking can be dangerous for health, study shows

15. "Cat ladies" are more likey to commit suicide.

Bullshit. If BuzzFeed has proved one thing it's that cute cats bring happiness into all our lives.

'Cat ladies' more likely to commit suicide, scientists claim

16. Power walking reduces the risk of having a heart attack in half.

Flickr: iaintait

What about regular walking? Jogging? Running? Moderate exercise in general?

Daily 'power walk' can halve heart attack risk

17. Giving blowjobs make women happier and more intelligent.

18. Eating chocolate may help you win the Nobel Prize.

Flickr: john_fielding

All my best ideas come after Halloween and Easter.

Secret to Winning a Nobel Prize? Eat More Chocolate

19. Women don't like beards.

Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

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