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19 Of The Year's Most Dubious Scientific Studies

The following is the result of real research and analysis. Face meet palm.

1. Watching pornography could make men better weightlifters.

2. Drinking large quanties of beer is good for you.

3. People are attracted to badasses because badasses are super stylish.

4. Female pornstars are happier than other women.

5. Scientists finally figure out "cool."

6. Dieting makes you fat.

7. Men prefer flings with dumb-looking women.

8. The "3 second rule" is totally legit.

9. Scientists can tell whether you're gay or straight based on eye dialation.

10. Research shows that rich people lie and cheat a lot.

11. Four or more cups of coffee per day fights off cancer.

12. Eating egg yolks is as bad as smoking.

13. Castration is the key for long life in men.

14. Investment banking can be bad for your health.

15. "Cat ladies" are more likey to commit suicide.

16. Power walking reduces the risk of having a heart attack in half.

17. Giving blowjobs make women happier and more intelligent.

18. Eating chocolate may help you win the Nobel Prize.

19. Women don't like beards.