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    19 Effortless Halloween Costumes For Lazy Male Sports Fans

    Well, NEARLY effortless.

    1. Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle from White Men Can't Jump.

    2. Conor O'Neill from Hard Ball.

    3. Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore.

    4. Spike's dad from Little Giants.

    5. Gordon Bombay from Mighty Ducks.

    6. Billy Beane from Moneyball.

    7. John Biebe from Mystery, Alaska.

    8. Morris Buttermaker from Bad News Bears.

    9. Lincoln Hawk from Over the Top.

    10. Chet Steadman from Rookie of the Year.

    11. Lucas McNamara and Caleb Mandrake from The Skulls.

    12. Ryan Dunne from Summer Catch.

    13. Anyone from Hoosiers.

    14. Bill Murray from Space Jam.

    15. Mike O'Hara and Jimmy Flaherty from Celtic Pride.

    16. Irving Blitzer from Cool Runnings.

    17. Roy Munson from Kingpin.

    18. Paulie from Rocky.

    19. Kevin Costner from any sports movie.

    Why it's easy: Throw on a polo shirt, a leather jacket and a lot of charm.

    Why it's awesome: Seven words: Bull Durham, Tin Cup, Field of Dreams.

    Possible downside: You're not as charming as Kevin Costner.