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    Posted on Jun 6, 2016

    19 Rad Bears That Will Get You Fucking Psyched For Summer

    It's lit.

    1. This awesome bear who wants you to know how dope summer is gonna be:

    2. This cool bear getting the grill going:

    3. This bear practicing his karate:

    4. This koala bear documenting all the fun:

    5. This bear going for a refreshing dip:

    6. This panda bear on his way to meet his boys for MDW:

    7. These bears mesmerized by a balloon:

    8. This bear chilling in a baby pool:

    9. This bear dominating the tetherball court:

    10. This bear thinking about all the fun he's gonna have this summer:

    11. This bear enjoying some ice cream:

    12. This baby bear learning how to drive:

    13. This bear doing the crossword puzzle:

    14. This bear family having the time of their lives:

    15. This bear enjoying the weekend:

    16. This bear who got scared of a kitty cat:

    17. This bear trying to get in 18 holes before the sun goes down:

    18. This bear cub finding a new friend:

    19. And this rad bear who is about to get all the ladies:

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