16 Mascots Who Really Don’t Give A $#!%

What happens when the guy in the costume stops being cute and starts getting real.

1. This Rockets mascot who’s extremely welcoming to visiting fans.

2. This badass who clotheslined a Pop-Warner football player.

3. The duck who snapped.

4. The Phanatic who tried to make “Simon Says” NSFW.

5. These idiots.

6. This head-butting monster.

7. This guy who tried to eat a child at the beach.

8. This inflated bear who scared the wrong kid.

9. This raptor that said, “Screw you, I’m blading to work!”

10. This dance-off that escalated quickly.

11. The gopher who went all WWE on this badger.

12. This hater of horses.

13. The Chicago Bull who bravely mocked Diddy right to his face.

14. This mascot who laid out a fan at mid-court.

15. This mascot who got fed up with cheerleaders stealing his thunder.

16. And this poor guy who didn’t even fight back.

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