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15 Seattle Superfan Tattoos Ranked By Insanity Level

The Emerald City's biggest supporter has some seriously amazing ink.

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Meet Lorin Sandretzky (A.K.A. Big Lo).

Image by Scott Cohen/US Presswire

Big Lo is Seattle's biggest sports fan. Check out this 2008 profile on his fandom.

Like the kind of sports fan who becomes an ordained minister so he can marry other Seattle sports fans.

This is his car.

Here are some of his incredibly random and amazingly diverse Seattle professional sports tattoos ranked from insane to most insane.

15. Okay, the Mariners symbol is still one of the coolest in sports.

14. This Marshawn Lynch Skittles tattoo is actually really awesome. Crazy, but awesome.

13. This King Felix tattoo commemorating his perfect game ain't too shabby either!

12. Seattle fans loved their SuperSonics. No shame in mourning.

11. MLS tattoo? Alright, the Sounders have an enthusiastic fan base.

10. Ouch.

9. More Marshawn Lynch.

8. A tattoo prominently featuring former fullback Leonard Weaver?

7. Here's some ink of a few different mascots.

6. Wait, Lawyer Milloy only played in Seattle for two years!

5. What time is it? Game time? Noon?

4. Is that 53-career-tackles nickel safety Roy Lewis?

3. The only WNBA tattoo I've ever seen.

Here's the finished version.

Here's the finished version.

2. The Seattle Mist are in the Lingerie Football League!

1. This is their star player Jessica Hopkins.

A fullback, a nickel DB, and the "star" of a lingerie league. Amazing.

All of pictures are c/o Big Lo's Twitter account. @BigLo66