14 Reasons We All Irrationally Hate Alabama Football

    The Crimson Tide are the most annoyingly good team we've ever seen.

    1. Nick Saban.

    2. A.J. McCarron.

    He's come a long way since Saban slapped him on the ass like a misbehaving puppy during the SEC championship his freshman season. The Crimson Tibe QB has never been asked to do too much, as the team frequently relies on their elite defense. Now A.J. is trying to lead his team to the first 3-peat of the BCS era. He's frustrating because like every other Bama QB he's little more than a game manager. But when you think about it, why should you HATE a game manager who doesn't really do anything wrong?

    3. A.J. McCarron's girlfriend.

    4. The fact that they've had 29 players drafted into the NFL in the past four years.

    5. The houndstooth.

    6. Nick Saban doing this kind of crap.

    7. Big Al.

    8. Seriously, that goddamm punk A.J. McCarron.

    9. This is considered a highlight.

    10. This GIF.

    11. Their fans.

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    Bama faithful are known for being an obsessive bunch who can sometimes border on psychotic (re: Harvey Updyke Jr. poisoning Auburn's prized oak trees). Truthfully, Crimson Tide fans are extremely nice and hospitable — as long as you don't say War Eagle within earshot. They're hated for the same reason any other borderline dynasty is hated — they're too obnoxious about winning and the sky is falling when they lose.

    12. The SEC.

    13. Fucking Nick Saban.

    14. They just keep winning.