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    Posted on Nov 27, 2013

    11 Important Takeaways From The Mets' Awful Holiday Video


    1. Dressing up Matt Harvey in a Mets uniform right now is just cruel.

    We aren't going to see our rocket-armed savior pitch again until 2015. So why the fuck are you making him dress in uniform to sing Christmas carols? A season without Matt Harvey does not make for a "happy holiday."

    2. Justin Turner is very excited to be included in this video.

    Lucas Duda just looks stoned.

    3. Travis d'Arnaud looks like a teenager "singing" in church.

    4. Mrs. Met is back?

    5. Dillon Gee has the most rhythm on the team.

    Yup, that head bob makes him the Justin Timberlake of the New York Mets.



    7. "Get me out of here."

    "I'm not going to get any run support next season and it's going to ruin me psychologically."

    8. This is just a reminder of how rarely the apple will go up next season.

    Sorry, never mind, the Mets can expect "double-digit home runs" from Chris Young next season. We'll be just fine!

    9. Ike Davis is not in the video.

    Al Bello / Getty

    Why didn't they include the young Springsteen look-a-like in the video? Was he out of town? Or is Sandy Alderson in the process of sending him out of town? Does he hate spreading cheer?

    10. No one can sing.

    11. Next year is gonna suck.