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    10 Superhuman Diving Catches You've Probably Never Seen Before

    Someone should check these guys — and girls — for capes.

    Over the weekend Angels left fielder J.B. Shuck made one of the best catches of the 2013 MLB season, leaping over the left field wall at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim (real name) to rob a home run from Jose Bautista. The Angels went on to win the game 7-5, but lasting memory will be of Shuck leaping out of the field of play and into the stands while maintaining control of the ball.

    Flying INTO the stands to rob a home run is rarer than your average — yet still incredibly exciting — leaping grab. It's a play not often seen in MLB highlight packages. So in Shuck's honor, here are ten other examples, many from obscure games, of other players doing their best Superman impression.

    10. Nick Ciolli, Winston-Salem Dash (2011)

    Winston-Salem may have lost this game 3-2, but Ciolli's catch that took him over the right field wall was something the Dash faithful won't soon forget.

    9. Austin Wates, Corpus Christi Hooks (2012)

    It's one thing to leap over the outfield fence to rob home run, but the difficulty level rises significantly when you also collide with your center fielder.

    8. Jason Repko, Pawtucket Red Sox (2012)

    Red Sox' prospect Jason Repko made this insane catch at full-speed in the first inning of a game last year.

    7. Brad Komminsk, Cleveland Indians (1989)

    Komminsk made this catch on Cal Ripken Jr. in 1989. He maintained control of the ball throughout the catch, however since no one could see the beyond the fence the umpires ruled it a home run — which is bullshit.

    6. Jay Buhner, Seattle Mariners (1997)

    With the Rod Sox leading 4-0 Jay Buhner — who was much more than a great Seinfeld reference — made this leading grab to rob Scott Hatteberg.

    5. Alyssa Wolfe, Ohio University (2013)

    Wolfe's catch happened during a 3-2 game in the bottom of the last inning in the MAC tournament. Talk about stepping up in a big moment.

    4. Greg Coman, East Setauket (N.Y.) Ward Melville High

    I'd love to put Coman's acrobatics even higher on this list, however the Long Island high-schooler was ruled beyond the field of play when he made this insane catch and therefore it was ruled a home run. So technically this shouldn't count, but COME ON!

    3. PSWL Wiffle, (2010 Playoffs)

    I have no idea who these kids are or where they're from, but I do know there is nothing more important or competitive than serious wiffleball games against friends — and this catch probably meant bragging rights for life.

    2. Jayme Langbehn, Elk River (Minn.) High (2013)

    As a freshman playing in the Minnesota state championship game Langbehn made this insane grab to preserve a 3-3 tie in the 6th inning. She went on to score the winning run in extra innings and made yet another acrobatic catch at the wall to secure the state title.

    1. Derrick Salberg, Lower Columbia College (2012)

    Arguably the most insane game-ending catch of all time is Salberg's flying grab over the fence to make a game-ending catch to rob a two-run home run and preserve a 4-2 victory in the first round of the playoffs.