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17 Badass (Shiny!) Firefly Inspired Items You'll Want To Buy Immediately ...

If you're currently dealing with 2018 by holing up in a bed-fortress of unfolded clean laundry and empty takeout containers nostalgia-watching the entirety of Joss Whedon's creative canon, you might just like this collection of truly nerd-tastic Firefly treasures as much as I do...

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Shiny Tank Top

BigDamnBrowncoats / Via

I Still Miss Firefly Mug

BigDamnBrowncoats / Via

Rocklove Firefly Jewellery

Rock Love Jewellery / Via

I'm Still Free Tee

TheHappyHorcrux / Via

I <3 My Captain Tee

BigDamnBrowncoats / Via

You Can't Take The Sky From Me Tote, Laptop Sleeve & Change Purse

Love4Arts / Via

Firefly Class 03-K64 Blueprint Tee & Poster

apachechief / Via

Art Noveau Crew Posters

Quantum Mechanix / Via

Cap'n Tightpants Hoodie

BigDamnBrowncoats / Via

Firefly Quote Buttons

WastelandFinds / Via

Firefly Quote Collage Mug

AGeekThang / Via

Knitted Jayne Hat

Yarnberry Creations / Via

'Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal' Tee

jmakin / Via

Crew iPhone 6 Case

rule30 / Via

Kaylee's Parisol Cross Stitch Necklace

CaderBugJewels / Via

Firefly Button Earings

noteworthybling / Via

Flask & Cufflinks

alexandraparass / Via
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