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It's Official: Ryan Chase Is The Best Daddy In The World!

Ryan Chase excels in everything he does - education, friendship, humor, sports(except for maybe golf, but who is really that good anyways?!)...but the thing he is the absolute best at in this world is fatherhood. Without a doubt, Ryan is the world's best father to Carter Nathan Chase. The evidence is clear...

It started with a great marriage...

Madeline Chase

Ryan and Madeline were married in 2008, and knew they wanted to start a family right away. Even though it took a few more years than expected, they were so excited in 2011 when they found out they were pregnant with their little peanut!

So excited to see their "Peanut"

Madeline Chase

As Madeline's pregnancy continued, they were overjoyed with happiness and excitement. Their dreams were coming true!

A "Baby-Moon?"

Madeline Chase

What originated as a wine touring vacation across Northern California, turned into a family trip with a little peanut along for the ride. Ryan took such great care of Madeline on this trip (such a brave feat- traveling 1000s of miles with a nauseous, 2nd trimester pregnant wife). This became their last big trip before Carter's arrival.

Even before Carter was born...

Madeline Chase

Throughout Madeline's pregnancy with Carter, Ryan was always so supportive, even putting up with "pregnancy brain." Even as the pregnancy continued weeks past their due date, Ryan was as loving and caring as ever!

The day finally arrived!

Madeline Chase

Finally, on the day Ryan had to return to work from winter break, Madeline went into labor. After a surprisingly calm and quick labor, they got to meet the new loves of their lives...Carter Nathan Chase.

From Day 1...

Madeline Chase

Within a few minutes of Carter being born, it was evident that Ryan was a natural. He quickly perfected the fine arts of diaper changing and swaddling.

As the months went by...

Madeline Chase

Ryan and Carter's bond only grew stronger. It is no coincidence that Carter's first smile and laugh were at his daddy.

Over the next few years, their love grew

Madeline Chase

A daddy and his boy

Madeline Chase
Madeline Chase

Even when Daddy was working two jobs and completing his 2nd graduate degree, he always made his family priority number one!

Traveling with Carter

Madeline Chase

Despite the obvious difficulties, Ryan and Madeline still traveled, but this time they brought along an adorable blonde boy...from the Appalachian mountains to the Bahamas, they made so many new incredible memories.

Carter turns one!

Madeline Chase

As Carter turned one, everyone knew that the main reason Carter was such an amazing little boy was due to his positive role model and influence in his dad.

Love keeps growing

Madeline Chase

Carter and his dad's bond only grew closer as he approached two years old.

New house, more love!

Madeline Chase

Moving anywhere is never easy...but with a month-delayed closing, temporary rental, working as an administrator, and raising a special needs little was tough! Ryan didn't let that worry him, as he managed to provide a dream home for Carter and Madeline. One of the best features of the new house, was the pool for Carter and daddy to splash around in!

The holidays with dad are the best!

Madeline Chase

Christmas is always a wonderful time of year, but Ryan always makes sure it is extra special for his Carter.

Need more proof that Ryan is raising the cutest and happiest boy??

Madeline Chase

Look at that cheesin'!

Happiest boy at the happiest place on Earth

Madeline Chase

Oh did we mention that Ryan takes his family on Disney vacations several times a year?!

Look at that face!

Madeline Chase

That is a three-year old boy who is so loved!!

From Day 1 to Year 4...

Madeline Chase

The bond and love between Ryan and Carter is beautiful. Never before have a son and father loved each other so much. Anyone who meets Carter is charmed by his smile and giggle. He's always unbelievably cute and happy. Carter has the most supportive and loving dad anywhere. Happy Father's day to Ryan Chase, the best father in the world!

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